senior assisted living.

Country Care Senior Assisted Living is a state-licensed Assisted Living Family Home offering up to six residents personalized long-term, respite care as well as 8-hour daycare to the elderly. Our approach to care is giving our residents a home where they can enjoy a quiet, unhurried life. We enjoy special outings such as weekly lunches at one of our local restaurants and frequenting our library for books, movies and magazines. We also enjoy attending the local crafting events and variety shows hosted by the school.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better place for Dad. Thank you so very much for all you do for him.”

MARILYN, daughter of resident


“Milt did not eat right at home and had sugar. Carrie had his meals and intake regulated, so he ended up being taken off his insulin and most of his sugar meds. He loves her meals and cookies.”

P. OMEN, friend and overseer of Milt

“Carrie seems to know of ways to improve Dad’s health through physical activity and exercise; his balance is much better and he has a stronger, faster walk.”

R STRUBLE, son of Gerald

“I can’t thank you enough for how good you are to Mother. It means a lot to me to know she has a great home with you.”


“I was at your home a few times and was so impressed by the warmth and love you showed my grandpa. You were also professional and took your job seriously. We always knew grandpa was in great hands! Finding your home for grandpa was a miracle! We couldn’t be happier with the care he receives!”


Clare County Review

I want to share my experience with the community as an increase in knowing what services are available in our area, and also as a note of appreciation for the exceptional service my mother-in-law and I received from Country Care Assisted Living of Farwell; located on us 10 (West Ludington Drive).

The facility is owned and run by Mark and Carrie Nageotte, and they live in the home along with the residents they personally assist…

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